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Can't get out to visit your friend in person?
Susan Bradley RN, will go to them personally
& give them a unique musical harp experience.

“I have found vibrational medicine, and more specifically Vibrational-Acoustic Harp Therapy, to be an important adjunct in the treatment of chronic, debilitating diseases such as fibromyalgia, migraine headache, arthritis, insomnia, RSD, and a variety of neurological conditions that result in chronic pain. Symptom reduction results from increased body awareness, the relaxation response, vibrational stimulation from the timbre of the harp, musical metaphors and the compassionate intention of, and interaction with, the harpist. After experiencing VAHT, patients readily embrace it as a perfect complement to traditional, allopathic medicine.”

Dr. Robert Roeshman, D.O.
Neurologist, Pain Management, Approved Consultant Medical Hypnotherapy and Medical Acupuncturist

Vibrational Acoustic Harp Therapy :
works by vibrating and resonating with the tissues of the body, thereby affecting physiological processes. It also affects the mental, emotional and energetic or spiritual aspects of the individual. The harp’s wide range of frequencies and overtones are capable of vibrating the dense, physical body as well as its energetic counterpart, providing multi-level stimulation and harmonization. 

The harp is made of natural materials that resonate with the human body. There is an obvious benefit when one is in the presence of  live  harp music. The natural, aesthetic beauty of the form of the instrument, and its production of warm, full-frequency analog musical information contribute to the healing qualities. 

   VbAHT is often described as a musical massage.  During a VbAHT session, live harp music is amplified through a sound table, chair or vibrotactile device.  You will be asked to focus on areas of tension/pain in the body, while specific tones/notes are played.  You, then just notice which notes make you FEEL BETTER. 

Everyone experiences  musical tones in different ways at different times; therefore harp therapy is always tailored to you.  Music is improvised or selected, based on your needs and preferences.

Harp Therapy will relax you tremendously as it slows one down to reduce mindless brain chatter and expand awareness.  VbAHT  will help you  feel deeply relaxed,   pain and tension reduces significantly, and a boost in your energy level.
VbAHT is now being offered to inpatients in the Palliative Care Unit at Hawkesbury & District General Hospital, Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada.

Susan with her Welsh Harp

Call Susan Bradley  at  831-238-6111      

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