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Harp Therapy 

Our never ending search for better health and new medications to treat some of the most deadly diseases and with technology often have us overlook the most effective solutions for healing. 
There are many different ways to deal with diseases caused by stressing the body than just taking pills.
Mother Teresa proved that caring about people often did more than any medicine. One of the most effective musical instruments for music therapy is the harp.   In the U.S. &  Canada, the harp has been used as one of the primary measures in pain management… Why?

To understand better how it works.. learn more about how we feel pain..

There are several factors or stages that cause us to feel pain.
1. Stimulus: this can be either:  an external or an internal source depending on the condition,
2.  Transmission, our nerves are scattered across our body which send impulses to the brain for interpretation including pain perception.  Pain perception and our individual tolerance for different types of pain give us a "pain threshold."

One non-pharmacological (non-drug)  pain management technique is to use diversional activities to  block  the perception of pain. This tricks the brain by focusing its attention on something else so that it by passes  the pain impulse.    Listening to the harp has been proven to be one of the best of these activities.   Many studies have shown that the relaxation levels produced by  listening to live harp music will also lower blood pressure too.


Benefits of Harp Therapy

Harp therapy had long been used to promote healing and holistic well being. Often times, harp therapy is mistaken as palliative care only. However, major benefits and health issues can be resolved in minutes of listening to the instrument.

Physiologic Benefits

  • ·         Helps in blood pressure reduction
  • ·         Promotes the release of endorphins
  • ·         Increases oxygen circulation
  • ·         Decreases the level of pain
  • ·         Stabilizes vital signs

Psychological Benefits

  • ·         Decreases the level of anxiety
  • ·         Eases depression and promotes expression of feelings
  • ·         Stress reduction
  • ·         Serves as diversion for pain
  • ·         Promotes comfort and well-being through relation

Social Benefits

  • ·         Helps promote positive outlook in life and for self
  • ·         Promotes social contact
  • ·         Provides a feeling of being special

Harp is considered to be one of the best instrumental therapies as the instrument’s vibration can reach up to the cellular level and vibrates the entire body.

“It is possible to decrease sedative requirements during surgery under spinal
anesthesia by allowing patients to listen to music to reduce their anxiety.”
-Dr. Caroline Lepage, Mainoneuve-Rosemont Hospital, Montreal

“Half an hour of music produced the same effect as ten milligrams of valium.”
-Dr. Raymond Bahr, St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore

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