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Susan performing with her harp.You're never too young or old to learn how to make beautiful music on the harp!

Learn to PLAY whether you can read music or not. 
50 minute lessons are available in Monterey County at various locations & also via SKYPE & Facetime.

Already know how
to play the harp?

 Do you want to be able to reach your performing goals or strengthen any weak areas?

You've come to the right place.
Susan studied with world renown Alice Chalifoux and attended the world famous Salzedo Summer Harp Colony in Camden, Maine.  
Vivian Weaver, was also a great influence on her.  Vivian played with Duke Ellington.

We'll help you choose the right instrument for your budget and goals. We have harps for rent & for sale.

Happy Harp Students

Harp Student Daniel Burgess Monterey, CADaniel Burgess
   I'm 9 and have been playing the harp for one year and I love performing in my top hat.

I have already played at the Amsterdam Art Gallery in Carmel and the Carmel Foundation.

I've also performed at Cheryl Watts Pottery and Art Gallery formerly known as Butterfly &  Lantern Art Gallery (417 Cannery Row) 

and on 2/7/2013 for the Independant Farmers Market from 5p-7pm (600 Ortiz) in Sand City.


Daniel came to Susan after taking lessons for over a year.  He no longer had the same enthusiasm for playing as when he started and practicing was a challenge.  Susan sparked his interest and has tailored the lessons to his learning style.  Thru encouragement and humor she motivates Daniel to continue to learn.  I have been so impressed by the improvements to Daniel's playing and practicing in the short time that he has been with her.  I also can't believe that he is performing already!

Tomi Burgess
Call Susan to arrange an introductory harp lesson in person or via live video. 831-238-6111
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